Sunday, 5 June 2016

Day 4 #blogjune - "Do you ever question your sanity?"

Sharon's post today was about a question her husband asked her when she came back from running in the rain. He asked: "Do you ever question your sanity?" (I agree with him, mind you!).  So no one is ever going to question my sanity about running in the rain, but I sometimes question my sanity on whether I have ever bitten off more than I can chew.

Let me put this in perspective though.  I have never taken on more than I can do, so I have never left anything incomplete, undone or abandoned a project, however sometimes I have had to work on things around the clock to get them done without compromising family time and trying hard to get some kind of work/life balance.

This year I was accepted into LGPro's Emerging Leaders Program, a very competitive program which involves a residential every month and doing a year long group project.  Adding this to working full time makes a very full workload. For the first time ever I said no to sessional work for this semester, so I would be able to focus on everything and still spend time with the family and have some "me" time.

If I hadn't done so, I think I may well have questioned my sanity!

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