Saturday, 5 January 2013

Day 9 A Digital Hub #blog12daysxmas

With the roll out of the National Broadband Network (NBN) in part of Melbourne's north early this year, my branch is now set to become a digital hub.

The lead up and preparation to this has been just as exciting as the imminent start up will be.  One space in the library has been reconfigured to allow for banquette seating to be installed, along with a hot desk for people to sit at and use the super fast internet that we'll be connected to (I think the super fast internet is what is exciting me the most right now! :-) ). There will be video conferencing facilities, an eBook download station, surface table and collaborative workspaces. I have a couple of great pictures but for some reason Blogger won't give me a 'browse' option when uploading a picture.

I blogged earlier about the number of computer classes already being run in the branch and the Digital Hub will now provide more opportunities for access to computer training and expertise due to a grant from the Department of Broadband, Communication and the Digital Economy.

We've just hired an NBN Digital Hub Coordinator who will ensure that the Hub becomes a central location for the community to have opportunities for an interactive NBN experience.  The funding is for two years and during that time there will be a strong focus on digital literacy, especially in the areas of home, education, small business and health.

Day 8 on keeping up #blog12daysxmas

It's catch up time. I really admire those that have managed to blog daily and, in the process, generate interesting topics for discussion.  I took on a summer subject this semester and have been playing catch up with that. Doing this has been interesting - the subject is on children and youth in public libraries, an area I worked in for many years.  I particularly like the developmental aspect of it.

Public libraries can do so much to help children develop. I'd like to say 'especially in their formative years' (ie 0-5) but I really do think we can help with any age group.  The resources we own or subscribe to, the services we offer, the programs we run - they are really all about helping any age group.

And now, I shall check the cricket score and procrastinate just a tiny bit....

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Day 7 on books and reading #blog12daysxmas

Reading has always been one of my 'things'.  No one who knew me as a child is ever surprised when they find out what career I chose.  It's quite ironic then, that I have read less since I qualified a few years, than I did before.  Working full time, and for quite a while, being a single mother of three, probably played a large part in this and I think it then got easier to get out of the habit of reading for relaxation, or even really reading at all.

I joined Goodreads this year to try and monitor my reading and to keep a list of books I wanted to start.  A final count up this morning showed me at 35 books, which is more than 1 a fortnight, way less than I used to read but much, much more than I have ended up reading.  There were also a few that I discarded after a few chapters - the storyline either didn't 'grab' me or the writing style was very poor - I usually find it very hard to get past poor writing.

I am wondering if I can exceed this in 2013.  This is definitely not a resolution.  I don't need to add another pressure to myself :)  It would be nice to get through the mounds of books though, majority of which are now in 'e'.

On my bedside table to read next are:

Eugenia - Mark Tedeschi
A mind for murder: the real life files of a psychic investigator - Noreen Renier
She's never coming back - Hans Koppel
A killing in the hills - Julia Keller

How was your reading list in 2012?