Saturday, 5 January 2013

Day 8 on keeping up #blog12daysxmas

It's catch up time. I really admire those that have managed to blog daily and, in the process, generate interesting topics for discussion.  I took on a summer subject this semester and have been playing catch up with that. Doing this has been interesting - the subject is on children and youth in public libraries, an area I worked in for many years.  I particularly like the developmental aspect of it.

Public libraries can do so much to help children develop. I'd like to say 'especially in their formative years' (ie 0-5) but I really do think we can help with any age group.  The resources we own or subscribe to, the services we offer, the programs we run - they are really all about helping any age group.

And now, I shall check the cricket score and procrastinate just a tiny bit....

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