Friday, 26 October 2007

NLS4 - right on track!

What can I say? Work and life just seemed to get in the way. Having said that, so many things have happened that I won't enter them all on this post, or it will go on forever! I am not even sure that I can list them in order!!!


Last time I posted about NLS4, we had just appointed ICMS as our Professional Conference Organiser. Since then there has been a change in the Committee - Andrew Finegan is now our Marketing and Promotions Coordinator. As well as this **breaking news** the NLS4 website is now officially open and launched! The team decided to launch the site on August 20 (I am behind!) at ALIA's 70th birthday celebrations - we were proud to have one of our milestones linked with such a significant one for the Association.

Something that made me especially proud was the way the team pulled together so we could deliver on time. We all had our own components to deliver to Jill, our fabulous Website Coordinator and we all did it, with time to spare for playing with the aesthetics of the website itself. This is no mean feat, as the committee is spread across four states! Well done Team!

And the latest news - announced yesterday - is that the NLS4 website now is RSS enabled, so anyone can subscribe to the feed and let all the updates come to them, rather than keep checking the site - Andrew and Jill worked well together to get that happening.

We are in negotiations with our preferred venue at the moment - we can't say anything yet, but the team does promise that it will not disappoint!!! What is next? Stay tuned - we will get our patron competition up and running soon....