Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Day 7 on books and reading #blog12daysxmas

Reading has always been one of my 'things'.  No one who knew me as a child is ever surprised when they find out what career I chose.  It's quite ironic then, that I have read less since I qualified a few years, than I did before.  Working full time, and for quite a while, being a single mother of three, probably played a large part in this and I think it then got easier to get out of the habit of reading for relaxation, or even really reading at all.

I joined Goodreads this year to try and monitor my reading and to keep a list of books I wanted to start.  A final count up this morning showed me at 35 books, which is more than 1 a fortnight, way less than I used to read but much, much more than I have ended up reading.  There were also a few that I discarded after a few chapters - the storyline either didn't 'grab' me or the writing style was very poor - I usually find it very hard to get past poor writing.

I am wondering if I can exceed this in 2013.  This is definitely not a resolution.  I don't need to add another pressure to myself :)  It would be nice to get through the mounds of books though, majority of which are now in 'e'.

On my bedside table to read next are:

Eugenia - Mark Tedeschi
A mind for murder: the real life files of a psychic investigator - Noreen Renier
She's never coming back - Hans Koppel
A killing in the hills - Julia Keller

How was your reading list in 2012?

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