Saturday, 4 June 2016

Day 3 #blogjune - Reflection

Sharon's day 3 post is quite timely as I've been reflecting on my career quite a lot this year (running, meh, not so much!).  I have 2 mentors, a library one and a local government one, both quite unique, fascinating individuals that I regard very, very highly.

It was suggested, late last year, that I look at getting some career coaching, which I felt a little odd about. It's kind of laying everything bare, hopes and dreams, and I am quite a private person and don't like making these things public. However, having thought about this for the good part of 6 months, I am starting to think that having a career coach may help with identifying transferable skills and looking outside the square. I've found someone I believe is excellent so the first step is done :)


restructuregirl said...

Hey Tania, I went to a coach and everything was very confidential. I'm private too, and did not feel that the discussion exposed me. Rather it validated all the factors I wanted to include (family, friends, geography etc) and helped me place where I am going at work in a path I feel reflects myself, rather than what others see as my career path. Good luck with your conversation.

Tania said...

Thanks for that. Sums up where I want to go/be!

Rachel said...

I have been thinking about seeing a career coach myself lately. Things at mpow have changed in the last few years and I have been wondering if it is time for a career change. I'd be interested to hear about your experience.