Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Day 5 #blogjune - Where do I get my news from?

Sharon's latest post is about keeping up with alerts and changes and the platforms she uses to do this, mainly social media.  This started  me reflecting on the ways that I keep up with news - things like traffic updates (I have about a 40 minute commute to work so any changes to the traffic can have a big impact on my journey), trends in libraries and local government, community news...the list goes on.  Social media would have to be my main source of information, namely Twitter and Facebook.  I do read blogs, but, more often than not, I have seen a link on Twitter or Facebook and moved on from there.  My husband also sends me links as he loves to read the news online :)

I will actually see some kind of 'breaking news' on Facebook and then follow it up with an online news site, if the news snippit interests me. With traffic alerts, I follow Vicroads on Twitter and *try* to remember to check regularly.  I do have the account set up so I am supposed to get alerted whenever Vicroads tweet, but it never works, which is very annoying.  Any tips, anyone?

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