Friday, 3 June 2011

Post 2 - Blog every day of June

Day 2 and lots and lots of thoughts going around in my head.

Something I do daily is check Facebook and my Twitterstream continuously - so much easier to do with my iTouch and Windows 7 phone (love that phone!) than it was when I had to keep checking a computer to keep up to date. I find my PLN (personal learning network) on Twitter invaluable. I have purposely kept my followers (and those I follow) to a small number (although I think I have gone over 100 now) so that I can easily keep track of tweets as they appear. Following too many people means I lose sight of many of the threads of conversation that are happening simultaneously.

I love the Twittelator app for my iTouch - I actually prefer to use it over because it loads where I finished reading the last time I used it, as opposed to the Twitter site, which loads at the most recent tweet, meaning I may need to scroll down pages of tweets to pick up where I left off. Twittelator also colours my tweets green and any replies to my tweets are brown - love it! I wish Twitter would do that - I thought it may have been a feature in the 'new Twitter', however I haven't been able to find it if that is the case.

I do vet those that ask to follow me - they need to be directly associated, somehow, with others in my PLN or be involved in the library industry (apart from Master Chef :) ). If I approve someone following me, then I follow them. I see no point in having followers that can see my tweets and I can't see their's. Likewise, if I follow someone, then I like them to follow me. I regularly compare the two lists and think seriously about removing those I follow that don't follow me.

So what are the benefits, for me, of having a PLN?

  • collaborative sharing and learning. Ruth, from Creative Circ, blogged here about the way she used Twitter to crowdsource (love that term!) topics for a potential conference paper and how it helped engage her with a future audience. Brilliant.

  • It's somewhere I can discuss ideas and explore them with others.

  • I have access to a global learning community of very active library people who are more than happy to share their expertise.

  • It is another source of information for me. Recently it has been my first port of call.

  • It may be informal, but it is still a method of learning for me.

  • It puts some randomness back into my life :) Where else would I hear that someone burned their dinner for the third time in a row because they were busy catching up on tweets? Or about emphysemic pets and how germs cannot live in an alcoholic environment!

  • I love how, the more I use Twitter, the more creative ways I find that people are using it.

    So, how does Twitter benefit you?


    jo beazley said...

    Thinking that I am the burner of food and the owner of the emphysemic animal!!
    Am so glad I provide amusement :-)

    geomancer said...

    wow-you've articulated my thoughts exactly re: PLN & twitter - I find it is the best professional development

    SharonU said...

    Tan - as a very limited twitter user I'm wondering how you set up your PLN?

    Tania said...

    @Jo - no to the burner of food - do you do that too??
    @Sharon - will email you :)

    Infolass said...

    I am a Twitter fan. For me it is a great aggregator of learning new information. Learning about what is new online in genealogy is a great example of this and Twitter is often the first place to find out what is new on Ancestry or Trove for example. I also see it as a great way to promote what I have learned or found useful or to promote what is happening in the library. I keep meaning to explore the lists function more, especially as I follow more and more people - all for different reasons eg. local history, local community, genelaogy, libraries etc. Follow me @Infolass!