Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Post 1 - Blog every day of June

Today saw the start of another blogging challenge from my Twitter PLN - blog every day in June. The last time I attempted this was to blog the 12 days of Christmas - something I did manage to achieve. As my blogging is sporadic (and indeed stopped after the 12 days of Christmas effort), I considered paticipating in this challenge and decided against it. However, after being 'encouraged' by Gemma, I thought I would start and see if this would give me the impetus to continue blogging after June ends. Someone tweeted earlier today that there were 58 bloggers taking part - it may be more now. It's an awesome effort and make being part of my PLN more real somehow.

So what am I doing in June? I am also taking part in a card making challenge which involves making a card according to preset criteria every day in June (today's was a square card for a male). As well as this, I need to catch up on my twitter mystery a month post (been so long that I don't remember the hash tag for it, but I have still been reading!), finish co-writing a paper and continue with sessional work at Curtin University and Victoria University. I took on the card making challenge as a way to try and force a little me time during June. My days are so full that I need something to put me into a different head space.

Am I over committed?? Nah, there is no such thing! :)


Gemma said...

He he he!

geomancer said...

omgosh your a busy woman - good on you for participating in the challenge