Friday, 3 June 2011

Post 3 Something for me (cont)

Back in January, as part of the 12 days of Christmas blogging challenge, I did a post on a healthy balance in life, outlining what I wanted to achieve this year. Let's see how on track I am so far....

1. I will continue to avoid buying items for my scrapbooking stash so I can use what I have faster (this has been in place for almost 3 years and nothing seems to have depleted...)

this is still on track

2. I will make all my Christmas cards again this year.

again on track. I have designed one and am making 5 a month

3. I will experiment and make a step card that will fit in a standard size envelope.


4. I will finish my December Daily album (I really just have to get photos together).


5. I will continue with Project 365 for myself and Anthony.

Ongoing. I have monthly photo challenges that I email to some friends of things to take photos of. It is a great sharing and learning exercise. That reminds me that I need to email out yesterday and today's theme...

6. I will finish crocheting my granny stripe blanket.

er, ongoing still.

7. I will unpick some jumpers that I no longer want and reuse the wool.

Yet to do

8. I will finish scrapbooking Project 365 for 2009-2010.

Still ongoing. Am going to an all day scrapbooking crop next Saturday and hope to make a huge indent into this.

9. I will host some more crafternoons, as I am a little housebound right now (first Twitter one scheduled for Jan 16, yay).

I have scheduled one scrapbooking day a month till August with some friends.

10. I will experiment more with PhotoShop.

Done and ongoing. Looooove PhotoShop!

All in all not a bad effort, considering I forgot about this!


Gemma said...

Would like to make a comment about point 1 - avoiding buying scrap supplies. Ahem, I do believe that I just purchased about 40 gorgeous (got them for myself too) 12 x 12 pages for you today. That means you are failing at this. You are not on track and must attend Papercrafters anonoymous!

Tania said...

That was a bargain Gem totally different...