Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Day 11 #blogjune - Back to front or front to back

I feel like I may finally be slowly catching up...just slowly. For day 11, Sharon wrote about running again, so I thought it may be timely to have another hobby post.

My first post for #blogjune was about the card swap I coordinate with a friend. I ended the post with a photo of my card for swap 1, which I barely got in by the deadline (ok, so I was a little late - they were due April 30 and I made them April 30...). I did get my act into gear after that and have completed swaps 2 and 3 (due June 30 and August 31) and have planned swap 4.  Generally, I would assume, most people would plan each one when they have finished the previous; that would be the typical way to schedule things, but I tend to be more back to front :-). I really do like knowing what I am making way ahead of time.  For me, a lot of the enjoyment comes from the searching, planning and testing of design ideas.

Short post, which I will end with a picture of my swap 2 cards.

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