Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Day 10 #blogjune - Escape

Today, Sharon blogged about escaping during her lunch break, which I thought was a great starter for my 10th blog post for June. I do find it quite hard to stop working when I am in the zone and, more often than not, work right through any break time, including lunch.  Yes, I know this is not good, but, equally, I find it so very hard not to. I used to always work from home too, but when I changed roles  a few years ago, I made a conscious decision that I would leave work at work and only do things at home if I absolutely had to.  And I mean had to.  I stuck to this and very rarely brought work home.  This has continued over the past 8 years.   I realised that I had to make a similar decision with my lunch breaks. 

I started going for walks. I don't work anywhere near bushland, but we have a really great shopping centre right near work.  If it is a nice day (which is not very often ATM), I will walk around the outside of the complex, which adds quite a few steps to my day. Right now, I am walking the inside of the complex, window shopping or getting necessities that will save me a stop on my way home or on the weekend.  I am finding that making myself go out actually refreshes me and makes me more productive once I get back to my office.

What tips do you have for refreshing yourself during the day?

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