Saturday, 27 December 2014

Day 2 Instagram #blog12daysxmas

I *finally* decided to join Instagram.  Well, I actually tried about 18 months ago, but as it was only accessible via a mobile app and I didn't want to use my mobile for yet another thing, I passed.  Then in March this year, I *tried* again.  My plan was simply to lurk and see what made everyone so obsessed with posting everything on IG.  Hurdle number 1 that had me backing away was that someone else had taken the username "Shewgirl".  I've been Shewgirl for close to 10 years, so finding out I needed another username made me abandon attempt #2 in a huff of disgust (ok, there may have been just a teeny tantrum there).

About 2 weeks ago, I capitulated and took on "Shewgirl1" (cue violin strings :( ), again with the intention of lurking, however, within 5 minutes I had 5 the pressure was on to at least contribute something....I did...

Did the pressure go away? No! I have to admit I am quite enjoying it, however I am not in the habit of taking random photos of everyday things; I use my phone to take photos of my family and I don't really want those on IG. This has changed my thinking a little and I am trying hard take photos a little differently.

Do you use Instagram?  What kind of pictures do you post?


Polyxena said...

I love Instagram as you might have noticed. I post all sort of things but they are mostly linked to my two annual Flickr challenge. And I do feel your id pain. I am mostly Polyxena and have been for as long as you've been Shewgirl but I have also a few Polyxena2s so I have just got over it:)

SharonU said...

I'm on instagram and I only lurk - I think I might have put up a total of 5 pictures/photos. Sometimes I think there are just too many social media apps to belong to. There is nothing wrong with lurking!