Sunday, 19 June 2011

Post 8 On multi tasking

The other week, on Twitter, someone asked how people with children managed to get everything done and still stay sane. It made me think about how I am managing being at home with 4 children. Granted, 2 of those children can look after themselves, but they are part of the household, and, as such, require me to still be their mother :) I am home at the moment and thought I would be able to fit even more into an already busy schedule, having gained more hours during the day through not being at work and not travelling. I am not quite sure it worked out that way....

I try to be organised so that everything flows as smoothly as it possibly can. I try to find short cuts that I can live with, that won't compromise the way I believe things should be done. Where possible, I simplify things as much as I can and try to declutter (my biggest challenge). I recently completed a 6 or 7 week declutter challenge where we had to focus on one area a week and totally revamp and declutter said area. It did mean I had to find time to work through these tasks, but now that I have done them, it is so much easier to sustain and keep things tidy.

I try to take time out to relax - it doesn't always work (ironically, sometimes giving up that time calms me more, as my overwhelming to do list gets an extra special attack :)). I watch very little TV but try to make time to play catch up my favourite TV shows when I can. Jenelle frequently blogs about getting dinner ready in a record amount of time - I must have a chat to her more about this....

I read somewhere that we need to say no to things more, that juggling too much in our lives means being overwhelmed and stressed. I think that is over simplistic. Working out what I can do and how I manage this takes away stress and yet is still a juggle, just a more efficient one.

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