Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Post 27, What's in a name?

In Post 16, I blogged about the A-Z of me and under 'P' for "Pet Peeves" I put down people using American spelling. I know many of us have varying peeves, but another one of mine is my name being spelt incorrectly, especially when it is in reply to an email I have sent and clearly signed off as 'TanIa', not TanYa. I acknowledge that mistakes happen and automatic assumptions count a lot for this (ie Tanya is usually more prolific than Tania), but when it happens continually over the course of many, many emails, then it becomes more than just a mistake, it becomes silly. If the purpose of these emails is to get professional advice on a number of topics, then it become more than just silly, it becomes ridiculous. If you want my advice on things, you would think that the least you could do is notice the correct spelling of my name. Surely it isn't hard?


Jackie said...

I hear you.

Jacqui, Jacki, Jacky, Jacey (yes really), Jackey, Jacquie etc etc.

And if you address me by my full name I probably won't respond (and there are a zillion spelling variations on that as well).

What I really love are the emails that contain two different spelling variations...

It's on the name tag, people.

Tania said...

It becomes annoying after a while. I only had a minor rant too :)