Monday, 27 June 2011

Post 20, Colour my world

This meme was inspired by Fiona. I adapted it to give 3 random facts about me relating to each colour in the rainbow spectrum.


1. I have a lovely red laptop.
2. One of our cars is a red commodore (have to love Holdens).
3. I just bought a pair of red leather gloves. Love!


1. I like to wear orange as an accent colour. For example a black suit with an orange top. A good, strong contrast.
Seeing orange on a webpage always makes me think of the browser RSS button.
There is an orange feature wall in our house.


1. I own not one yellow item of clothing. This has never occurred to me before.
Anthony's favourite rattle at the moment is yellow, with some orange and green.
I went to a publishing event once and had yellow nails. I love having feature nails, but these were a bit too out there, even for me.


1. Green is probably my least favourite colour.
I am marking at the moment with a lime green pen.
I love my lawn being lush and green.


1. The last card I made had blue on it.
l like to write with blue pens.
My dressing gown is blue.


1. My favourite pair of shoes (which are technically cutaway boots and my avatar on twitter) have indigo mixed in with the violet.
l have a lovely scarf in a beautiful shade of indigo. I want to start practicing these styles from Justgirlwithshoes' blog post. I think my scarf may be a little small though.
One of my favourite dresses when I first started working was indigo.


1. See (1) for indigo.
Anthony is lying next to me wearing a Winnie the Pooh jumpsuit of a violet hue.
3. M
y scrapbooking room is violet. It took some getting used to, but I like it now.

A little bit of trivia. The mnemonic I use to remember the rainbow spectrum is Richard Of York Got Boozed In Vienna.

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