Sunday, 26 June 2011

Post 19, Planning for July

Thanks to Retrokatz and Ballarat Library Chick for this post's inspiration.

I've blogged earlier about things that I want to achieve and did a follow up post to remind me (keep me on track, oops), however thought a more immediate one for July would help me (as Kat put it) come closer to achieving a state of Zen.

Tax - definitely get organised as I have it booked for the end of July. I usually get my tax done about February the next year, so this is very early for me!

Scrapbooking - Start (another) project A week in the life; complete a scrapbooking challenge which will be one layout a week.

Events - Plan for, and enjoy, my mother-in-law's surprise birthday and Anthony's baptism. Help Sarah with her birthday sleep over.

Menus - plan dinner for the coming fortnight so I can shop accordingly.

Exercise - Start using the treadmill.

Craft - Continue working on granny stripe. Plan my square a day blanket.

Writing - Finalise ALJ abstract. Work on current paper. Continue blogging.

Reading - Get my feeds to almost zero. Maintain inbox zero.

Remember to refer to this list :)

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