Thursday, 7 June 2007

Innovation and initiative.

This posting has been a work in progress for many days. It can take me a while to put an entry on my blog, but it doesn't usually take me days to complete a post.

I have to admit I have been on leave and work was crazy when I got back, with lots to catch up on, meetings to attend and planning for a new library. It's been a bit harder than usual keeping up with my feeds because I seem to be getting caught up in 'being on the edge' and thinking of cutting edge stuff in programming and services, never mind all the technology that keeps coming our way and staying up to date with innovations in library practice.

Reflecting on all this has made me stop and take stock of everything - someone (a very knowledgable someone) told me to take this time as a 'pit stop', to gather my thoughts and see where to go from here. Rather than looking at keeping up with what has been happening in blogland as being essential to everything, I turned it around to look on it as something I wanted to do, rather than something I had to do. It worked and my feeds have come down :) Surprised me no end to find this post from Michelle, where she also talks of taking stock and also of the painful process it can be waiting for your colleagues to catch up with you - too true.

Like Michelle, I want to regain my optimism, and in my case, enthusiasm, for my profession. A bit more encouraging for me now knowing there are others who a having similar struggles. Here's to successful outcomes!


SharonU said...

I think one can feel guilty if one is not up to date with every new thing that has an influence on the LIS world. I sometimes read email list discussions and blogs and go - OMG how will I ever get on top of this to show I'm still enthused with the profession?!?! Yes we need to be aware - but does that mean we have to know how every Library 2.0 concept works (example only)?? I think being aware of the changes happening is a good thing and then evaluate whether it is relevant to your career goals or your workplaces goals and then evaluate if you want to be the one to run with it. No use having heaps of ideas but no way of implementing them. I say pick the ones you are passionate about and you know will have support to follow through on and go from there.

And chill out of course!!! 8-)

Michelle McLean said...

I agree with Sharon (and thanks for the link Tania), we have to pick and choose, but somehow we still have to be peripherally aware of what's happening out there. Its a challenge to find that balance and its ongoing. Good luck in your own journeys!

Tania said...

Thanks for the comments guys. Pacing yourself can be hard, but I am working at achieving the balance you mention :)