Monday, 13 June 2016

Day 7 #blogjune - Speeding around

Sharon's post for day 7 centre's around her dislike of speedwork. Her post is in relation to working on her running speed and my post is going to be in relation to just, well, speeding.

I seriously can barely remember a time when I wasn't racing around doing things.  It started around 15 years ago when I was studying for my degree, working in 4 positions and bringing up 3 children on my own.  Add to this, towards the end of my degree, I started doing a Diploma of Management and things went from busy to frantic.

I had decided that, once I finished my degree, I would stay in my Library Officer role for a while (part time) to catch my breath.  Of course, as things happen, just before I finished my degree, a permanent, full time qualified position came up at MPOW.  It was too good an opportunity to not at least try and apply for, so I did and I was successful and the rest, as they say, is history. During all of this, I was also a very active member of the Australian Library and Information Association and was a committee member of ALIA07 and convenor of the 4th ALIA New Librarians Symposium (sorry, links to both sites appear to be inactive for now).  I was also part of the Executive Team for VALA for a period of time.

As I've progressed throughout my career and gotten busier, my involvement has lessened, out of necessity, not because I really wanted to.  I think though, that as I have shed some responsibilities, I have taken on more, because I still race around and barely have time to catch my breath.  I must admit, I am looking forward to some chill time soon.

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