Monday, 4 June 2012

What are you doing now? (Day 3 #blogjune)

I posted a little while ago on my endeavours to declutter things - especially my feeds on Google Reader and reducing the amount of starred items I had.  Some I am relocating to my Pinterest account and others I am being more ruthless with, removing totally, especially *if* I had forgotten about even reading it...

I am across this gem from @sirexkat that I had saved for various reasons (not least of which is that the beautiful building she mentions is the branch I manage :) ).  The main one however, that jumped out at me this particular time was to blog about what you are working on right now.  Kathryn goes on to clarify that it isn't about what you have done, but more about allowing users to be able to offer suggestions for something current.

A lot of my thinking seemed to have been centred around what I am going to do or what I want to do, so that idea from Kathryn's post was a light bulb moment for me.  Why don't I blog about what I have done or what I am doing, and get my inspiration from there?

And so this is what I plan to do.  It's a shame that the lightbulb moment doesn't translate into increasing hours in the day, but I live in hope :)

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Kathryn Greenhill said...

Heh. A double illustration of the value of blogging about what you are doing right now..

If you had asked me today "what ideas did you get from your visit to Melbourne just before the bushfires", I would have not been able to answer you..

BUT...because I blogged about it, then there it is - preserved and something that I - or in this case, someone else - can come back to and use.

I look forward to hearing about whatever it is that you are working on - and given the number of things we do in a day, that will easily take you to the end of June :)