Monday, 20 June 2011

Post 13 Some of my favourite blogs

This afternoon, Clare crowdsourced potential post topics, having run out of steam (aside here, don't you think 'cloudsourced' would be a good term too??). The suggestion I gave her was the post I had planned to write this evening - some blogs in my reader, under various labels.

Like many, the aggregator I use is Google reader. I did start off with Bloglines, but switched over to Google to simplify things - it was much easier to use one login for everything (good thing, as Bloglines died an untimely death but all of my feeds were in Google by then).

Bear in mind that these are just a few of the blogs that I subscribe to - I literally have hundreds, which is why my feeds constantly seem to be over 1000. These are in no particular order or preference, I am just choosing 3 from each of my labels!

Library related

Librarians Matter, by the ever wonderful Kathryn Greenhill
Libraries Interact - a blog for Australasian libraries


Write.Click.Scrapbook - lots of tips and ideas. - love this site. Noell does a paperclipping round table podcast weekly which I bank up and then listen to. There is also one for digital scrapping.
Creating Keepsakes - like the magazine, lots of inspiration here.

Card making

For the love of life - some amazing work here
Daring cardmakers - I so want to make a wobble card
Passionately Artistic - lots of cuttlebug goodness

Peeking into the lives of others

Day to day - also a good craft blog
e - an Aussie living in the US
Attic24 - lovely, lovely stuff. Lots of crochet goodness


Sew ritzy titzy - I SO want to do this challenge - who is up for it??
Crochet with Raymond - a cat who crochets?
Hooked on handmade - more on the May challenge

So many more I can share, but think I will call it a night! What are some of your favourite blogs and why?


geomancer said...

goodie new crafty blogs to look at - thank you

Tania said...

thought you would like them :)

Jenelle said...

Thank you Tania!! :) :) This is a great idea too as it is a great way to find other blogs... fab!!! :)))

I should post more about library related stuff though I think!! LOL :)

Tania said...

Love to read your blog Jenelle, it offers such interesting insights into things :)