Monday, 5 January 2009

Thoughts and reflections of 2008

I usually find that the first week in January is the time of year when I reflect on the past one or two years and consider my goals and aspirations for the coming year. I always seem to scratch around trying to think of what I have done, but things then come together as I continue to reflect.

2008 (in no particular order)


My plans for 2009 had always been to focus more on writing and research and so far I have already committed myself to a few things, possibly more than I should have for this time of year!

  • Attending Information Online in 2 weeks;
  • Taking part in the Australian ePortfolio Project with Margie Anderson (Margie is the doyenne of career development);
  • Co-presenting a paper with Gill Hallam for IFLA in Milan this year;
  • Writing paper for IFLA (due end of Jan, not going there!);
  • Co-authoring 2 articles for publication;
  • Finalising my application for a research masters (long overdue);
  • Continue marking for CSU;
  • Exploring more tech things that are increasingly becoming available and how they can be incorporated into public library services;
  • Am now on the organising committee for VALA2010 (it will be interesting seeing how another volunteer organisation works, as well as how we operate with a different PCO);
  • Continue to be involved with aliaVIC - planning a series of ongoing workshops relating to career development;
  • Continue my exciting role at Yarra Plenty, forging ahead with lots more innovative and exciting programs for my branch in 2009!

This is what I have on the cards so far - I have no doubt that I will take on more professionally, as it seems in my nature to do this - I just need to continue to balance my home life with this.


Gemma said...

Ah - too many lists, they are making me tired...

Tania said...

Come on Gem, go for it!!