Wednesday, 11 July 2007

New books at the library

New books
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This is really what I had planned to do - and I doubt there are copyright issues involved! This was done quickly, but with a little more trying I am sure the glare can be removed

What does everyone think now???


Jill Stephens said...

Awesome, and could be good for your library website.

You can actually download free blog software to your server and set up your own library blog (see Yarra Plenty). If you are keen to do that.

Try taking the picture with the flash off, or take the photo from a bit higher, with your camera angled down (instead of up), just worth a thought or worth trying.

Hey hey !!

Gemma said...

Cool - looks good. Great suggestions from Jill who has so many techno ideas in her brain!!

Jill Stephens said...

Techo ideas, I want to write on my blog about how many techo things I own,..should do it...drives me crazy sometimes.

Got the lightweight laptop the other day that will help me with a certain website, so I can do it while on the train...yeee ha

SharonU said...

I also like this but see my comment re: your last post. How does one get stats of how many visits to a blog to know if your users are even visiting??

Jill said...

Hi Sharon,

I blog on wordpress, and if I go to the dashboard, I can then click on "stats" to see the number of users that come in every day. It's great. I'm not sure about stats with googleblogger, I think that's what you use. I'm sure there would be stats somewhere in the admin area


Tania said...

Stats - really good one - will have to investigate this one!!!