Sunday, 11 March 2007

Google Reader

Well, after how many hours I finally have Google Reader (GR) working. Having read extensively, it seemed that GR works best with Firefox. Ordinarily I would have thought this was the case (as I am using IE7), however my friend is also on IE7 and it was working wonderfully for her (evidenced by the screen dumps she kept sending me.....) My wonderful computer guru (aka partner) found that an activeX control was missing. GR is now loaded - yet to be tested.

The other thing I was unable to do was alter the colour settings of the template on my blog. I could change the actual template, but not the colours or fonts. Again my friend was able to. Turns out that java runtime was not installed. All to do with my firewall (which my friend also has, but I am NOT going there!) and now I can further customise the way my blog looks.

This now leads to further complications as I believe Firefox does not allow java applications to run and I think that some of the PCs at work only have Firefox installed. Still, I will cross that bridge later - I still need to get the instructions happening....

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