Saturday, 24 March 2007

Major bookstores - strange selling tactics

Went into work quickly today (yes I know it is a Saturday, but I had to meet someone there for a pickup) and saw that more advertising had landed on my desk. This was a letter from a major bookstore chain (not Collins, Angus and Robertson or Dymocks), addressed to me (although any organisation that sends out blanket letters starting off with 'Dear Tanya [surname] [and spelling my name with a 'y' - bad form] needs to be spoken to seriously about the credibility of their marketing) and letting me know about the bargains that were available to me. If I bought THREE books from their bargain books, I - get this - only had to pay for FOUR. "Pick any three Bargain [sic] books and only pay for four".

What a deal - buy three books and pay for four.

What did I say about marketing credibility???

1 comment:

boney said...

Pick three and pay for 4, WHAT THE! what kind of logic is that? As for spelling your name wrong I this it very un-professional.