Monday, 12 March 2007

African Aids Jumpers

I don't only dabble in web 2.0 and library stuff. Sometimes I like to take time out and do some craft things, although I have to admit it isn't often. At the moment I am knitting jumpers for babies in Africa that are born with Aids. Many of these babies are sent home from the hospital wrapped in newspaper for warmth. A Knitting Circle has been formed, with many volunteers either knitting the jumpers or even donating 8 ply wool. The jumpers are great and made in one piece, so simple for even the most challenged knitter. The pattern is on page 2 of this newsletter. The jumpers that I make are also delivered to people at Barongarook Lodge.

Since I started doing this, I have found out that 16 000 jumpers have been delivered! That is amazing! 7000 have been delievered to an orphanage in Blantyre, Malawi's main city, with some going to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Blantyre. Another 9000 were delivered in February to Zomba. On top of this, another 2000 went to a mission in Zambia and 1000 to South Africa. There is another 12 000 ready to go as soon as money is raised to send them.

That is such an awesome effort. I don't have a pic of a completed jumper, but will post one as soon as I finish the one i am doing.

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